NBA 2K20 is a rare mobile sports game that’s actually worth buying

Needless to say, those “surprise mechanics” turned me off of EA Sports games in particular and left me yearning for a decent sports game that would just let me jump into a game and play without the grind of the free-to-play style. Sports video games used to be my go-to when I felt like kicking back and relaxing with a video game controller in my hand, but that started to change about a decade ago. That’s a hard pass from me. And to my surprise, NBA2K20 is a refreshing return to t… The idea of building a team made up of your favorite players was great, but the execution was a clear money grab that required you to continually open up card packs to find the rare players you really wanted. It was around that time that EA Sports started rolling out Ultimate Team modes across all its sports games, which let gamers create their own teams from scratch… based on a convoluted system involving player cards, loot boxes, and the allure of spending hundreds of dollars on microtransactions.