Mother Asks for Christmas Cards to Cheer up 9-Year-Old Daughter Battling Cancer

Never underestimate the power of good vibes. If you’d like to send Hailey a card, you can mail them to this address:
151 Hirtle Rd, Dayspring, NS, B4V 5R1, Canada. Chemotherapy is a draining and often brutal treatment. Hailey was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2014, and has been receiving chemotherapy ever since. 44.681987
-63.744311 The mother plans on posting a photo on Christmas day of Hailey with all the cards she receives. Hailey loves getting mail and her mom realized this would be a great way to bring joy into her daughter’s world. To keep her daughter optimistic, Rodenhiser sought a way to show Hailey “the spirit of Christmas.”
“Each day she is more excited about seeing the Christmas cards,” Rodenhiser wrote. Jaunita Rodenhiser is asking people to send her 9-year-old daughter Christmas cards to cheer her up as she battles cancer. CNN’s Chris Cuomo noted on “New Day” this morning that Hailey especially likes cards with animals, like dogs cats and horses, since she hopes to become a veterinarian one day.