Monster Hunter: World ‘Iceborne’ shows off new trailer and Glavenus

Iceborne is a massive expansion that takes players to a new region covered with, you guessed it, snow. In fact, we can tell you that the volume of gameplay content in Iceborne will rival that of Monster Hunter: World, with even more quests to face.”

If you want to get a better look at the gameplay, make sure you check out the new trailer. It features over-the-top action and much more. What you need to know

Monster Hunter: World is a third-person action game from Capcom. It’s getting a massive “Iceborne” expansion in September. You can preorder the complete collection for $60 through Amazon. A few months ago, Capcom revealed that Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne was launching on September 6 on PlayStation 4 and other platforms. You can take a look at a new trailer and screenshots here. … According to the publisher, “This isn’t just your average expansion. Get those preorders in. As expected, there’s a new mystery to unravel, with even more dangerous “Elder Dragons” to hunt.