Microsoft To Do gets fresh design that taps into its Wunderlist roots

What you need to know

Microsoft debuted a new look for To Do today. To Do is tapping into its Wunderlist DNA to for a warmer, more customizable look. We’d like to unveil what we’ve bee… The new experience incorporates more customization with background images and warmer colors. “We’ve come a long way since those first Wunderlist days,” Microsoft said in a blog post today. “Today is one more step in our evolution. The updated experience will be available across Microsoft To Do on all platforms. Today, Microsoft unveiled a new user experience and design tweaks for To-Do with the aim of merging the best of both To Do and Wunderlist. Over time, Microsoft has sought to make the app a replacement for Wunderlist, which it acquired (along with its team at 6Wunderkinder) in 2015. It’s been a gradual process to say the least, but we’ve seen a marked increase in the pace of To Do’s development over the past year or so. Microsoft To Do has evolved considerably since its initial launch in 2017.