McConnell Re-Elected as Senate Majority Leader; Schumer Tapped to Lead Senate Democrats

Marco Rubio and freshman Sen. Democrats also formally added Vermont independent Bernie Sanders to their ranks — a clear nod to his success in the campaign and the strains within the party moving forward. 38.907192
-77.036871 Dianne Feinstein, a long-serving California Democrat, will take over her party’s top seat on the Judiciary Committee — putting her in place to lead the fight against any Trump nominee for the Supreme Court. Veteran Judiciary member Patrick Leahy, of Vermont, will head to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Sen. Schumer’s ascension was coordinated well before the election, but some veteran Democrats moved into new roles that will prove critical as Trump plies lawmakers next year. McConnell, the Kentucky Republican, led the successful effort to hold the Senate Republicans and was rewarded with an easy victory in a private meeting with his caucus. He will serve as Trump’s chief antagonist in the new Congress. Republicans re-elected Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader Wednesday while Democrats tapped Chuck Schumer as their leader as both sides prepare for critical battles with the incoming Trump administration. “We are ready to go toe to toe with Republicans,” Schumer told reporters, noting that Democrats “can’t flinch and can’t ignore” results of election. McConnell was formally nominated by Sen. Senate Democrats picked up two seats last week, but it was just shy of enough to win the majority. Todd Young of Indiana — a nod to his extensive efforts in both states which helped him keep their majority.