Make your Galaxy S10’s front cameras a feature with these wallpapers!

The hole-punch camera cutouts on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ is something you can love or hate, but if you have to look at it every day, you might as well play into it with a fun wallpaper that fits it perfectly! But in… DBZ Goku u/Eashwars

It is my supreme shame to say I haven’t seen the latest DBZ movie yet. I’m still working on my own hole-punch wallpapers and themes for the upcoming S10 series, but Twitter user Matt B and the r/S10wallpapers subreddit have taken their own pinhole templates and gone wild. The interwoven threads of color paint a tapestry of life and fate across the screen of your shiny new Galaxy flagship. Free Download

Super Saiyan Blue! Collections and wallpapers compatible with all Galaxy S10 models

Pretty lights

Abstract color strands by u/androskris

This mesmerizing abstract wallpaper looks a bit like a rainbow and an Aurora Borealis had a love child and I can’t look away! I’m scum!! Here are some of my favorites, now arranged by device! I know!