Lutron joins ‘Friends of Hue’ program with new $40 smart bulb dimmer

The thing with smart lights is that they are really awesome and great, until they are not. This provides local control of the lights, without needing to teach your guests how to use their voice to control them, and still allows you to use… The idea behind this wireless, battery-operated knob, is that you put it over the switch that’s controlling the lights in your home, that way guests can interact with it, and it won’t impact your other smart home routines. In an effort to put this frustration behind, Lutron has joined the “Friends of Hue” program to introduce a new smart bulb dimmer switch, and you can pre-order it starting now. Something as simple as someone flipping a switch could mess up the whole system, and that’s honestly just a pain to deal with. You install a mounting base that “locks” your existing toggle switch in the on position, and then you snap the round dimmer knob on top of that. Each smart bulb dimmer will retail for $39.95, and shipping is expected to begin in June.