Losing Google support would ruin Huawei’s global smartphone business

Android is open source, yes, but as has been shown t… Even a company as big and influential as Huawei doesn’t stand a chance in the open market without Google services. And unlike previous government intervention that only affected Huawei’s ability to sell its smartphones in the U.S., this decision has ramifications for the company’s global operations — and if it comes to fruition, will irreparably damage Huawei’s smartphone business. technology companies for the first major shoe to drop: Huawei is expected to fully lose access to Google apps and services, as well as future Google-approved Android updates. It simply isn’t reasonable in 2019 for any company to launch a phone outside of China without Google services. It took less than two days after the announcement of President Trump’s executive order to increase scrutiny of business dealings between foreign and U.S. Huawei, just like every other company successfully selling Android phones, relies on support from Google.