Logitech Harmony Express review: Why, Alexa, why?

If any one of those parts should come up short, the entire experience pretty much falls flat. The Express itself is a cleverly simple remote, especially when you look at it alongside Logitech’s other offerings. First, there’s the matter of setup — getting the remote to properly talk to your TV and whatever is connected to it. Logitech is the king of the universal remote control experience. The new Harmony Express (which retails for $249 at Amazon but almost certainly will be on sale at some point) is Logitech’s latest attempt to navigate that minefield. And guiding the way is — you guessed it — Amazon Alexa. But improving the setup experience doesn’t eliminate the limitations of voice commands. They’re not a bad pair, Alexa and Logitech, and one I’ve e… Then there’s the matter of how it works once that part is handled. There are three distinct parts that make up the total experience of a remote control. The third part is the remote control itself.