Little changes lead to a big upgrade for the Fitbit Versa 2

Inconsistent performance, missing features, and a juvenile OS held it back from true greatness. Following up on the chunky and expensive Ionic smartwatch, Fitbit went in a different direction with the Versa by creating something that was accessible to wrists and wallets of all sizes. The Versa 2 looks a lot like the original Versa, but it addresses many of the pain points I had with its predecessor. It’s still not the “perfect” smartwatch Fitbit wants it to be, but it’s the best attempt we’ve seen from the company yet. Last year’s Fitbit Versa stuck out as one of my favorite wearables of 2018. Subtle changes in all the right places. Growing up

Fitbit Versa 2

From $200 at Fitbit

Minor updates create for an even better fi… However, as strong as the Versa was considering it was just Fitbit’s second true smartwatch, perfect it was not.