LG V60: News, Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors!

The V60 will have two screens
What specs are we anticipating? 5G flagshi… With the V10 and V20, LG set out to create phones that appealed to power-users and photography nuts — offering removable batteries, high-quality headphone jacks, and powerful camera features. The V50 is a 5G-capable phone with a (bad) video blur effect and has an optional case that adds a second screen. The V60 is expected to be announced during IFA 2019, and this is everything we know about the phone so far. Here’s what LG’s got cooking up for the second half of 2019. LG’s V-series has changed a lot over the years. With the V50 appearing to be a flop, LG’s trying its hand again with the V60. It’ll be announced during IFA
Expect it to cost a lot
What about the LG V50? The LG V50 was just announced earlier this past February at MWC, and it’s proven to be the oddest entry in the V-series yet. The V30 and V40 shook things up, opting for a premium glass/metal design and aiming for a more mainstream market.