Lenovo played a fan-made video of the foldable Razr phone at a press event

There’s nothing inherently unusual about this, but the odd part is that Lenovo used a fan-made video and tried to pass it off as something the company had actually made. In the photos below, you can see footage from the Lenovo presser along with stills taken directly from Khan’s video for co… The video was made by Waqar Khan and based off schematics patented by Lenovo. The video in question was created by Waqar Khan and uploaded to YouTube back on February 9, 2019. Lenovo not only stole this video without giving credit, but it also tried to remove all of Khan’s watermarks from the video. Originally, the Motorola Razr foldable was expected to launch as early as February. At a press event in China last week, Lenovo decided to show off its foldable Moto Razr phone with a video render of the device. What you need to know

Lenovo reportedly used a fan-made video without permission to show off the foldable Motorola Razr. The renders of the Razr were based on schematics patented by Lenovo.