Leaked promo video for Pixel 4 highlights low-light and astrophotography

Google’s pushing the Pixel 4 as being a phone made “the Google way.”
Despite Google’s intent to get ahead of the leaks and share official details regarding the Pixel 4 leading up to its release, that hasn’t stopped a barrage of renders, hands-on images, and more from making their way online. Get ready for a phone that’s made “the Google way.”

What you need to know

A leaked promo video for the Pixel 4 has surfaced online. Specifically, the video highlights the Google Assistant, improved low-light photography, and astrophotography (aka taking pictures of the stars). The video highlights Soli gestures, astrophotography, and more. The video strongly reinforces the point that the Pixel 4 stands out from other devices as it’s made “the Google way” and has all of the best bits of Google built into it. On September 9, a leaked promotional video for the Pixel 4 was uploaded to YouTube, and from what we can tell, it looks to be legit. You know — like every Pixel before it. A…