Kick it old-school with Caseology’s Legion Note 10+ case

If you’re the kind of person to shell out $1100 for a new Note 10+, I’m willing to bet you’re the kind of person who likes to be on the cutting edge of technology. New case models and styles are always fun to try, but I find myself falling back to the same reliable styles for protecting my Note 10+, because this is a big and (at times) unwieldy phone, and I don’t want to exacerbate that with a case that’s slicker and grip and more style than substance. Creamy classic case

Caseology Legion

… The latest specs, the latest design, and the latest models are great, but when it comes to protecting those cutting edge phones, sometimes the old ways are best. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and the Legion is a case that is definitely not broken. Lucky for us all that classic cases are still here for the latest Note 10+, like old faithful herself: the Caseology Legion.