Key omissions make the Pixelbook Go the first one you won’t want to buy

Chrome OS isn’t the perfect operating system and there are “better” Chromebooks out there with newer and faster specs, but I have always liked the direction Google has taken when it comes to the hardware. Who is it designed for? There’s a ge… It’s the first Google-branded Chromebook that I’m not going to buy. I think all this has changed now that I’ve seen more than I needed to see of the Pixelbook Go. It has a few things that users of the original Pixelbook may find to be worthwhile additions. I want my laptop to be thin, light, and powerful while lasting more than a few hours unplugged. I used my original Chromebook Pixel until the wheels fell off and the battery would no longer charge, and unless I’m parked at my desk, I use the current Pixelbook for work and play anytime I need a computer. I’m a big fan of Google’s pricey line of Chromebooks. It’s missing some of the best features of the original Pixelbook and the Pixel Slate and it’s the first Pixelbook I really don’t want.