Is the Samsung SmartThings Wifi a better buy than Google Wifi?

In a rounded plastic shell with dual Ethernet ports, it looks good too. This router supports fast Wi-Fi 5 standards and even brings along a couple of Ethernet ports on each unit. With fast AC1300 Wi-Fi speeds, Mu-MIMO, and a SmartThings hub built in, Samsung leaves out very little in this great mesh network starter. At Android Central, we love new networking tech and have been following both of these products so we can find out which one is the best base for your network. More speed and features

Samsung SmartThings Wifi

$118 at Amazon


Small size
SmartThings Hub

Requires two apps for full control
Only two Ethernet ports
Samsung SmartThings Wifi is a mouthful of a name but it has the features to back it up. This is a great addition to a … Simple and strong

Google Wifi

$99 at Amazon


AC1200 speed
One app setup

Only two Ethernet ports
Google Wifi brings powerful and robust mesh networking to an attractive circular package.