Is Google Wifi a good solution for a tall home?

Each mesh point will be stronger if it has a direct connection to the main router, so it’s best to place it as close… Set up your mesh network from scratch: Google Wifi 3-pack ($239 at Amazon)
One more to improve your signal: Google Wifi 1-pack ($99 at Amazon)
Distance not direction

The Google Wifi router broadcasts signal in all directions including above and below. The connection to mesh points will be stronger with less distance to travel, so it’s recommended to put the next node directly above or below the primary router. Wi-Fi signal will still need to travel the distance to floors above and below the router to reach devices, so placing an additional Google Wifi on the level above or below the primary unit can help deliver a more consistent Wi-Fi connection to devices on those levels. Best answer: Yes, Google Wifi can broadcast Wi-Fi signal in all directions including to floors above and below. Fewer walls or floors between access points will be better for your signal strength.