Is a Fitbit Ionic worth the investment in 2019?

When you’re in run, bike, or hike mode, you can utilize the built-in GPS to view your pace, distance, and other key metrics. Best answer: Considering the price has come down quite a bit, it’s not a bad deal to buy the Fitbit Ionic in 2019. However, the inevitable follow-up device might be worth the wait. Runner’s delight: Fitbit Ionic ($200 at Fitbit)
Better design: Fitbit Versa ($180 at Fitbit)
Next-level tracking

If you’re more interested in having access to unbeatable tracking abilities than smartwatch features, the Fitbit Ionic is worth the investment. Most notably, it has a built-in GPS that running enthusiasts will love. Not to mention that if you can live without built-in GPS, you can get the more current and more compact Fitbit Versa. Athletes will also enjoy the innovative multi-sp… This smartwatch also offers water resistance up to 50 meters and swim tracking, which is a big win. You no longer have to bother connecting your phone GPS to the device in order for it to work.