Is 5G dangerous or is it safe?

In the same article, the FDA is quoted saying that it “continues to believe that the current safety limits for cellphone radiofrequency energy exposure remain acceptable for protecting the public health.” For now there appears to be no risk to health from the radio waves produced by phones and towers. Predicting the weather

The high frequency 24Ghz bands that some upcoming fast 5G will be using to produce top speeds is q… A smart hotspot with 5G tech: HTC 5G Hub ($600 at Sprint)
Verizon phone with true 5G: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ($1,300 at Verizon)
Don’t panic about radiation

According to The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), radiofrequency fields are listed as possibly carcinogenic to humans. As Digital Trends pointed out in its article, this is the same classification given to coffee. At least no more than already existed. Best answer: There is no established risk to your health but use of high-frequency bands could lead to weather information disruption.