I went on a 5-week trip and these gadgets helped me stay working (and sane)

Not only did I want two phones for redundancy, in case one got damaged or stolen, but… It’s both a matter of space and practicality: the more I bring, the heavier my backpack becomes, and the more disastrous it becomes if I lose what I brought. Phones plural, because of course, I couldn’t just bring one phone. Every time I travel, I struggle to decide what, and how much, tech to bring with me. The Phones How I did everything

My first consideration was what phones to bring. Suffice it to say, deciding what to bring was both fun and frustrating. This time, though, things were different: I usually have to pack for a week or two at most, but on my most recent trip to Europe I had to pack for five weeks, taking into account redundancy and power and plug differences to North America. I also want travel tech that’s versatile, ideally providing me with multiple use cases — and hardy, able to hold up to the kind of rough treatment I wouldn’t necessarily subject my stuff to at home.