Huawei begins trademarking its Android replacement OS — HongMeng

What you need to know

Huawei has filed to trademark its Android replacement OS, HongMeng. One of the biggest casualties from the U.S. It’s been trademarked in more than 10 countries. The first devices with HongMeng are expected to launch in October. Thankfully, Huawei has had a Plan B in the works for quite some time, working on its very own mobile OS called HongMeng. HongMeng is expected to be a full Android replacement compatible with p… Currently, the list includes countries such as Australia, Canada, Cambodia, the European Union, Mexico, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and several more. ban on Huawei was losing direct access to the Android operating system and the Play Store for future devices. Recently, the second largest smartphone maker in the world began filing to trademark the OS in a handful of countries. It appears the launch of Huawei’s Android replacement, HongMeng, is getting closer. The trademark’s been filed in Canada, the European Union, Mexico, and more.