HP Chromebook 14 will be a nice perk for Pixel 4 pre-order in the UK

It’s not uncommon for retailers to score exclusive deals on phones or what they choose to throw in with purchases — so thi… At this time, we don’t know if there will be similar offers, or any offers at all, from other carriers in the UK. The saga of the pre-release Pixel 4 leaks continues, with a Three UK billboard showing a pre-order freebie of the HP Chromebook 14 to customers willing to chip in for the upcoming Google phone. At £229, the HP Chromebook 14 is a fantastic free add-on. We also haven’t heard of any other countries that will be offering pre-order deals on the Pixel 4 yet either. While in Nottingham, UK passing by the local Three UK carrier store, Redditor u/bbc472 noticed the billboard teasing the pre-order offer. It’s unclear if the pre-order bonus will make its way to other carriers or countries. What you need to know

The offer was shown on a billboard in Nottingham, UK. HP Chromebook 14 offered up as a Pixel 4 pre-order freebie to Three UK customers.