How to tame and ride mounts in No Man’s Sky

Beyond now lets you tame and mount those alien creatures you see. With the most recent updates, you can catalog uncharted life on foreign worlds, build a home base with your friends and more. But here we are a year later and Beyond has now dropped, adding a ton of improvements and some fun features, one of which is the ability to tame and ride mounts. But being able to do so isn’t quite as simple as running up to them. Scan a creature with your analysis visor to see i… That’s right, you can hop on the back of those lovable (?) aliens you see. Engage

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No Man’s Sky is an ambitious space exploration sim from Hello Games. Discovering bait

In order to do this, it’s best that you have completed the opening tutorial missions and have fixed your analysis visor. I know, I almost can’t believe it either after NEXT delivered such an incredible update. The sky isn’t the limit anymore. No Man’s Sky somehow continues to get better and better.