How to stream Android games to YouTube and Twitch

Why just play games on your phone when you could be streaming, too. These days, record numbers of people are watching Twitch streamers play all the most popular games — Fortnite and PUBG being among the most popular. Back in my day, I hated having to wait my turn to play a video game with friends. If you’re not among the millions of people logging in to Twitch or YouTube Gaming to watch other people playing video games, you may not understand the trend. Here’s how you can get started. So much so that YouTube has a version of its site and app dedicated to gaming c… While Twitch has been predominately used by PC or console gamers, you do have the option to stream from your Android phone — and with some bigger titles becoming available for mobile there’s really no reason not to start streaming from your phone, especially if you’re using a flagship released in the last few years. YouTube Gaming

It’s no secret that YouTube is home to a ridiculous amount of gaming content.