How to make sure you have the best fit with Oculus Quest

With one hand hold your Quest up to your face. Using your free hand then tighten the top velcro strap until it is firm against the back of your head. How to adjust Oculus Qu… You want a fit that is firm, without being tight. After all, you are going to be wearing this for a while, right? Using your free hand tighten the velcro straps on the left and right side of your head. But before you can take advantage of everything that the Quest is capable of, you’ll need to make sure it’s fitted properly on your face. You’ll also want to remove any stickers on inserts at this time. It should feel firm but not tight. The Oculus Quest is the newest VR headset on the block, delivering a stellar experience with no wires to trip over. Adjust your headset up or down to make sure there is minimal light bleed and that it sits comfortably. How to get the best fit with Oculus Quest

Remove your Oculus Quest from the box. Remove your hand to ensure that the headset is tight enough against your face.