How to kid-proof your Amazon Echo

Voice purchasing

Open the Alex App … Here are some of the most common ones you’ll want to consider investigating, broken down into three main categories: voice purchasing, Echo device settings, and entertainment settings. The Amazon Echo and the Alexa smart assistant can provide virtually unlimited utility and fun for the whole family. The Alexa app has several tools to help you exert some parental control over your Echo devices. However, there are certainly times when parents want to be able to control what their kids can and cannot do with these connected devices. Products used in this guide

Kid-Friendly Echo: All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition ($70 at Amazon)
Parental Controls: Amazon FreeTime Unlimited ($3/month at Amazon)
How to kid-proof your Echo

The trouble with locking down your Echo is that there are a lot of different ways your kids can use them. We’ll show you how you can kid-proof your Amazon Echos and protect your youngsters from potential pitfalls. Let’s break it down.