How to extend battery life on your Oculus Quest

Here’s how it’s done. Turn off Auto Wake-Up. The best way to keep the VR good-times going is to make sure you bring your charging cable everywhere you go or carry an external battery with you. But what if you are in a situation where you don’t have either of those options with you? Staying alive

You can add time to the life of your Quests internal battery just by changing some of the settings in your headset. How to extend battery life on your Oculus Quest

Practice good battery habits with your Oculus Quest. Treat your Quests battery as you would a cellphone battery. The following tips will help extend your battery life and keep your lithium battery in great condition. Having this setting on will keep your headset awake and on low power mode, even w… When fully charged, the Oculus Quest’s lithium-ion battery can deliver about two and half hours of gameplay. It may only give you an additional half-hour, depending on the VR experience, but that half-hour is worth the extra time.