How to enable HDR for PlayStation 4 on popular 4K TVs

While it is easy to enjoy such gorgeous graphics, it is not always entirely clear as to how one might enable the settings. What you’ll find in this guide

Configuring your PS4
Enabling HDR on a Samsung 4K TV
Enabling HDR on an LG TVs 4K TV
Enabling HDR on a Vizio 4K TV
Enabling HDR on a Sony Bravia 4K TV
Enabling HDR on a Panasonic 4K TV
Enabling HDR on a Philips 4K TV
Enabling HDR on a TCL 4K TV
Enabling HDR on a Toshiba 4K TV
Configuring your PS4

Before getting in… If you are a PlayStation 4 owner you have the ability to play games (which support it) in HDR. Here is how to enable HDR graphics on your PS4 and a bunch of popular televisions. Most modern televisions, while capable of supporting such graphics do not come set up to do so straight out of the box. HDR or high dynamic range is a method of image rendering which can allow for a beautiful and staggering depth of graphics in modern games. Resolution, clarity, and color depth are increasing all the time on new gaming consoles.