How to enable 4K resolution on your PS4 Pro

How to access these settings may be different depending on the brand you are using. Though the PS4 Pro should automatically enable 4K resolution support when it detects a 4K-capable monitor, this isn’t always the case. Products used in this guide

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The Guide

For starters, you’ll want to make sure that your PS4 is indeed connected to a 4K-capable monitor, and that your display is also set to output at 4K resolution. One of the main selling points of the PS4 Pro is its power advantage over the PS4 Slim, allowing for crisper images and faster frame-rates. Here’s how to enable 4K manually when your PS4 Pro just doesn’t do its job right. 2160p – YUV420 allows the c… As for the PS4 Pro:

Navigate to Settings from the home screen. Not every game supports 4K resolution, but those that do are all the better for it. Select Video Output Settings. Select Sound and Screen. Set the Resolution to 2160p – YUV420 or 2160p – RGB.