How to change your username in PUBG Mobile

Where to unlock an ID Change card from progress achievements

If you’ve p… You’ll need to own an ID change card in your inventory, which might be already sitting in your inventory. Otherwise, you can buy an ID Card at any time from the in-game shop using Unknown Cash (UC), the in-game currency which can be purchased using your Google Play Store credit. PUBG Mobile remains one of the most popular games for Android since its release in 2017 — in part because the game is free to play but also because the developers at Tencent keep adding new maps and modes, and have steadily built out a competitive scene for serious players. PUBG does let you change your user name, but it’s a bit more complicated than just heading into your account settings. Lets say you decide to join a competitive clan and want to change your username, or perhaps you signed up with Facebook and rocking your real name (the default user name when you sign up with the social media platform) isn’t exactly ideal.