How to change regions on your PlayStation Classic

Choose the options menu and scroll down to the regions option. This will give you the 60Hz refresh rate to get the most from your games. The difference between the 50Hz PAL and the 60Hz is quite pronounced when you see these old games on your 100hz HDTV. Select the PCSX Menu to enter the main menu settings. In this guide, we’ll show you how to change the region on your PlayStation Classic from the slow, and jittery PAL to the slightly less slow and jittery NTSC. This will give you access to the secret menu. Press both the Select and Triangle buttons to gain access to the hidden menu at any time during the game. Use the left and right D-pad to change the region selection from auto to NTSC. Press the Squ… Navigate to your chosen custom game in your menu and press X. How to change regions

Use our How-to to complete the “add games to the PlayStation Classic” mod. Use our next How-to to complete the “access the hidden menu” mod. This will set you up to play your own custom games.