How to add scan lines to your PlayStation Classic

You will need to have completed other tutorials for this to work, as shown below. Any time during the game press both the Select + Triangle buttons to enter… Use our next How-to to complete the “access the hidden menu” mod. Note: This only works on a modded Playstation Classic using the BleemSync mod. How to add scan lines

Use our How-to to complete the “add games to the PlayStation Classic” mod. From the custom game menu choose the custom game you want to add the scan lines to by navigating to it and pressing X. Scan lines are an addition to your screen that makes your HDTV look like an old-fashioned CRT from the 1990s. We’re here to show you not only how to get them on your PlayStation Classic Games, but more importantly, how to get rid of them after they drive you mad. This will set you up to play your own custom games. When you’re playing retro games on a retro console, sometimes you want to really immerse yourself into that world. This will give you access to the secret menu.