How hard is it to make women’s jeans with phone-sized pockets?

I’ve bounced around brands a bit in the last decade — worn some Levis, worn some Angels, worn the ever-loving hell out of some Underground Soul flares — but I haven’t owned a pair of good-fitting pants that my phone properly fit in the front pocket of since college. I look like a secret agent wannabe, but I like to think I rock it pretty well. Maybe I can fit it in the front pocket while I’m standing up, but if I want to sit down anywhere, it has to come out, which is just a recipe for disaster. I’m not rocking the Lara Croft look because I want to: I rock it because I need my damn phone and none of my jeans will let me sit down with it my front pockets!! It’s not my first shoulder holster and I don’t think it’ll be my last, but do you want to know a little secret? Purses, holsters, and white-knuckle grip doesn’t erase the need for decent-sized pockets in 2019. For a while, I just made do with my overstuffed pockets and having to hold my pho… Isn’t my holster awesome?