Here’s why Galaxy Fold displays are already failing

Just a couple of days after journalists, including us here at Android Central, got their hands on the Galaxy Fold for the very first time, multiple reports have surfaced that these initial review devices are having screen failures. From looking at all of the information available, and using a Galaxy Fold myself, there are clearly two distinct issues at play here — one that’s fixable, and one that should very much be a concern for Samsung as the Fold gets into consumers’ hands. Problem 1: The screen’s plastic covering looks removable

This is the “fixable” problem. The Galaxy Fold, as every other foldable phone, has a plastic display on top of the OLED display that allows the entire screen t… There are two distinct issues here, and only one is particularly fixable. At this point at least four different devices have failed, which may not seem like a lot until you realize that there are perhaps only a few dozen Galaxy Folds in the hands of people outside of Samsung employees.