Here’s everything you need to know about the LG V40

The V40 is essentially an evolution of what the V30 started, and even though it’s no longer the newest V-series device in LG’s lineup, it may still be worth a look if you can pick it up on sale. Here they are
Its successor, the V50, is launching soon
The LG G8 is also available
We compare the V40 to some other phones
The display is reeaallly good
Breaking down the V40’s five cameras
LG’s soft glass back is something else
You better get a case
Here’s where you can buy the V40
Last year’s leftovers

LG V40

$950 at Amazon
$900 at B&H
$15/month at Sprint

Still a… Get familiar with one of 2018’s most underrated phones. Read and watch our review
The V40’s got specs. Here’s everything you need to know! Where the first V10 and V20 were designed to be industrial, functional devices that provided a unique camera experience, the V30 shook things up with a much flashier (read fragile) design and a more mainstream appeal. In 2018, LG released two flagship phones — the G7 and V40.