Having issues after your PSN ID change? Reverting is your best bet

Most problems will be fixed as soon as you revert to your previous PSN ID, but that does not apply to all of them. What if reverting to my old ID doesn’t fix the problem? If you experience critical issues such as progress loss in … Best answer: The easiest and most reliable method of fixing any issues that pop up after changing your PSN ID is to revert back to your old one. An old PSN ID is only available to the person who created it originally. And because of the way that Sony is implementing this feature, your old ID will not be snatched up by some other players after you change it the first time. No, you will not be charged for reverting back to an old ID. Reverting back isn’t as simple as changing it. To revert to your previous ID, you’ll need to contact PlayStation Customer Support. How do I revert back to my old PSN ID? Amazon: PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership ($60)
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Will I be charged for reverting back to my old PSN ID?