Gov. Brown Approves $1.95 Million Payment to Man Wrongly Imprisoned for Simi Valley Murders

Coley has endured this lengthy and unjust incarceration is extraordinary,” Brown wrote. Jerry Brown on Thursday approved a $1.95 million payment to compensate a man wrongly sent to prison for more than 38 years for a double-murder in Simi Valley that is now being investigated to determine whether it was actually the work of the Golden State Killer. Gov. Craig Coley is shown in photos from 1978 and 2017 during a news conference with Simi Valley Police Department and the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office on Nov. Coley did not commit these crimes.”
Read the full story on 20, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)
The payment was approved to Craig Richard Coley, 70, who was recently determined by a court to be “factually innocent,” decades after his arrest for the murders of Ronda Wicht, 24, and her four-year old son Donald. “I grant this pardon because Mr. Brown Pardons Man Wrongfully Convicted of Killing Simi Valley Mother and Son in 1978 
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Gov. “The grace with which Mr. Brown did not comment Thursday in approving the settlement, but in his pardon of Coley in November, the governor said subsequent investigations ordered by his office and prosecutors determined the man was wrongly convicted.