Google’s Tilt Brush has been confirmed for Oculus Quest!

This list only breaks down games that have been confirmed, not those that have been teased. For example, Beat Saber was teased months before its official announcement so it was not added to this list until the game was officially announced for the Oculus Quest. With the Oculus Rift and Quest sharing so much, you should expect to see a lot of games coming to the Quest

The Oculus Quest is Facebook’s last piece of hardware in their first generation of VR devices. It has six degrees of freedom and Facebook has made it relatively easy for developers to port their Oculus Rift games to the Oculus Quest. The folks at Google have been bringing fantasy to virtual re… Tilt Brush by Google

What if the entire world was your canvas, and your paintbrushes could draw light and sound and emotion with the same effort as any other paint? Because of this, there are a number of games that have already been announced that you can look forward to. We won’t list the game below since it isn’t confirmed.