Google Maps can now help you find a bike in 24 cities across the globe

Similar to how Maps has evolved over the years to provide us wit… Google Maps now provides bikesharing information in 16 countries. Now that bikesharing is officially a trend, Google Maps has found a new way to help you get around. It’s pretty safe to say that bikesharing has gone mainstream and shows no signs of slowing down. The feature has been available in New York City for the past year and is now expanding to 24 new cities in 16 countries. So far, there is an estimated 1,600 bikeshare systems worldwide for a total of more than 18 million shared bike rides in urban centers. What you need to know

Google Maps will now let you know if the bikesharing station near you has a bike available and how many. Google will be working to add more cities in the future. Why spend your time stuck in traffic or hoofing it on two feet when two wheels will get you there faster? Over the past few years, bikesharing has really taken off, especially in larger cities where traffic can be horrendous.