Google is gifting a free Home Mini to some YouTube Premium subscribers

Normally, Google’s mini smart speaker would set you back nearly $50 at retail prices. Google is expected to announced a new and improved Google Home Mini rebranded as the Nest Mini at its October 15 Made by Google event. Google seems to hand these things out like candy,… If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber and a fan of Google Assistant, Google may have a free gift for you. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a Google Home Mini promotion like this. Some users have begun reporting that an offer for a free Google Home Mini is showing up in Google Assistant. A Google Home Mini normally retails for $50, but with this promotion you’ll only pay tax and shipping. Google will announce a new rebranded Google Home Mini next week. What you need to know

Some YouTube Premium subscribers are receiving an offer for a free Google Home Mini via the Google Assistant. However, if you take advantage of this offer, you’ll only be stuck paying for tax and shipping which significantly lowers the price.