Google is fixing Android 10 gestures once and for all in 2020

These will apply to all new Android phones launched after January 1, 2020. We’ve already covered how Google will be making third-party navigation more difficult to enable out-of-the-box, but there’s a lot more to these new gesture requirements than Google outright banning something. Google is looking to clear that up for everyone with a handful of new guidelines for smartphone vendors. What you need to know

Google is using its service agreements as leverage to force gesture conformity. When it comes to user interface elements, t… Ever since vendors started cooking up their own solutions for gestural navigation a few years back, the landscape has become convoluted and confusing for users and developers alike. Whether you love or hate gestural navigation, one thing is clear: gestures are a mess. Tweaked ‘back’ gesture will include screen space allocation for swipe-in menus and Edge Panels. Gestures will finally work properly with third-party home screen launchers in the near future.