Google employees eavesdrop on your conversations with the Google Assistant

More worryingly, the report alleges Google sometimes starts recording audio by accident, even without a clear ‘Okay Google’ command. Now, a new report published by Belgian broadcaster VRT NWS claims Google employees listen to conversations recorded by Google Home devices as well as the Google Assistant app. Google allegedly uses human contractors to transcribe the audio clips recorded by it to help make its speech recognition technology more accurate. VRT NWS managed to gain access to more … What you need to know

A report published by Belgian broadcaster, VRT NWS, has claimed Google employees systematically listen to audio recordings by the company’s Google Home smart speakers and the Google Assistant app. Google says only 0.2 percent of all recorded audio fragments are transcribed by its language experts. A report from Bloomberg had revealed earlier this year that Amazon uses human workers to review audio clips recorded by Alexa without the knowledge of the company’s customers.