Google confirms ‘Works with Nest’ program will live on past August 31

Google has announced it will delay the end of the Works with Nest to Works program. After August 31, no new recipes will be able to be added to the Works with Nest program. New recipes won’t be able to be created after the August 31 date. For example, you would have lost the ability to have your lights turn off when you leave home, or to view your Nest cams on Alexa smart displays. What you need to know

Works with Nest third-party integrations will continue to work after August 31, 2019. Google is working to add the popular features from WWN to its Works with Google Assistant program. In the meantime, Google will no longer force you to convert your accounts by the August 31 date, and your smart home will continue fun… The reason for the delay is because it would have broken many smart home automations customers have come to rely on. Originally, the WWN program was scheduled to end on August 31, 2019, and customers would have had to convert their Nest accounts into Google accounts.