From the Editor’s Desk: Pixel 4 months early

But that’s where we are with the Pixel 4, which broke cover on the official Made by Google Twitter account this week, confirming reports from OnLeaks and Unbox Therapy just a day earlier. The traditional view of leaks, among smartphone manufacturers with secrets to keep, is that they’re to be avoided at all costs. Well, that was unexpected. Well, since there seems to be some interest, here… Leaks risk deflating hype around an upcoming product, or worse, giving would-be buyers potentially misleading info based on incomplete products. Leaks lose you control of the message. Whatever you think of the Pixel 4’s unconventional camera bump, or reports of an extra-large display border to accommodate space-age face recognition sensors, the PR angle of this week’s developments is fascinating in itself. In eight years of covering the mobile industry, I’ve never seen a manufacturer just YOLO it and confirm a flurry of leaks by, in essence, leaking its own phone even harder than the leakers.