Fortnite’s Season 9 Live Event is almost here, along with a big pink robot

If you’re a stranger to Fortnite’s live events, you might have noticed that throughout Season 9, a giant robot has slowly begun forming at the Pressure Plant location in the game. The countdowns all end on Saturday, July 20 at 2 pm EST, which is likely when the next live event will take place. Now, a fully built robot is complete, and seemingly ready to do battle with the beast. Alongside the robot, an in-game countdown has appeared, with clocks appearing at the floating sky platforms found in the game. While the robot was busy forming, a monster has begun t… As you can tell from the image, the robot looks to be heavily inspired by Voltron, with various Fortnite-themed mascots making up its head and arms. Season 9 of Fortnite is nearly at its end, and as the past seasons of the game have taught us, that means it’s almost time for another live event to occur. Throughout Season 9, teases had already begun to pop up, starting with some sort of monster apparently thawing out in the ice.