Former Guatemalan Police Chief Faces Federal Visa Fraud Charge After Allegedly Failing to Disclose Pending Murder Case

-117.435048 Valiente, 77, who lives in Fontana, was chief of the National Police in the country’s second-largest city, Quetzaltenango. Read the full story on In 1987 he was charged with the kidnapping and murder of two people affiliated with the Agronomy Department at the Centro Universitario de Occidente, according to prosecutors. A former Guatemalan police chief is facing charges that he failed to disclose on immigration documents that he was facing kidnapping and murder charges back home when he entered the U.S. He was twice convicted and sentenced to two 30-year sentences, but both were overturned on appeal and sent back down to trial court for further proceedings in 1993, officials said. In a one-count indictment returned by a grand jury this week, prosecutors say Catalino Esteban Valiente Alonzo failed to reveal that he had been arrested and tried for kidnapping and murder in his home country when he successfully applied for a Lawful Permanent Resident card, commonly known as a green card, and entered the United States. An arrest warrant was issued for Valiente in Guatemala that year. in 2013, prosecutors said Friday.