Former Bridal Reality Show Contestant Reported Missing After Attending Birthday Party in Torrance

At around 2:30 a.m. “Her missing work, her not calling anybody, a million red flags,” Harryman added. Derek Harryman, Naegle’s husband, said when he talked to his wife on the phone early Sunday it sounded like she had a lot to drink. Naegle’s family are trying to get security footage from the Alpine Village Restaurant in Torrance to see if she ever made it to the birthday party. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A former reality show contestant has been reporting missing after she did not return to her San Pedro home over the weekend, her family members told KTLA. “There’s video footage that was just discovered from Alpine Village within the last hour showing my wife getting into a black SUV,”  Harryman, Naegle’s husband, told KTLA. Sunday, Naegle called her husband and told him she was going to get some food, but would be on her way home. Lisa Marie Naegle, a former reality show contestant, has been missing since Dec. KTLA’s Matt Phillips contributed to this story. Danielle Naegle-Kaimoana, Naegle’s sister, told KTLA she was trying to have a baby with her husband and her disappearance is out of character. Naegle never made it home, and did not make it to her nursing job on Sunday morning. The Los Angeles Police Department’s Harbor Division told KTLA detectives have information on a person of interest in the case, but did not release any additional details. “Lisa loves her family, Lisa loves her husband, Lisa checks in and she didn’t check in with us,” Naegle-Kaimoana said. Naegle was among a group of women documented on “Bridalplasty”  who competed for a dream wedding and plastic surgery. 17, 2016. (Credit: Derek Harryman)
Lisa Marie Naegle, 36, who competed on E! Naegle’s family told KTLA they called police Monday night after speaking with a student of the missing woman who said he attended the party with her, but later changed his story. television’s “Bridalplasty” in 2010, told her husband she was going to a birthday party Saturday night at the Alpine Village Restaurant in Torrance. 32.835052