Forget the Rugged Armor, the Liquid Air is the Spigen slim case to get

This case is for you. I mean, c’mon, it’s $1100 to replace and gravity doesn’t turn itself off just because you’re carrying a new phone — if anything, I believe gravity increases around shiny new technological toys, since they’re carrying the weight of all our expectations and excitement. Skip those and get a slim case with a texture that’s actually helpful: the Spigen Liquid Air. If you want to protect your portable powerhouse but don’t want to weigh your already formidable phone down with a heavy-duty case, there’s still a boatload of simplified silicone cases out there to choose from, most of them with some stale-looking carbon fiber accents or a texture that looks pretty but doesn’t actually help your grip. Pretty as that Aura Glow rainbow is, you can’t carry around a Note 10+ without a case. Want to protect your phone from unwanted attention and slippery hands? Diamond-textured

Spigen Liquid Air Galaxy Note 10+ Case