Fix things yourself with this Oria Screwdriver Kit on sale for $11

It comes with a variety of bits that are sized for common tasks, plus some that are made with proprietary parts in mind. The bits will stay in place since they’re magnetic, and the driver won’t slip, either. Luckily, this kit has you covered, from simple tasks to those strange proprietary bits on your phone. If you’ll be fiddlin… Typically the kit would cost you $16, and we’ve never posted a better discount for it. $11.19 $15.99 $5 Off

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This screwdriver set is ideal for repairing computers, phones, consoles, and other tech. Make sure to use code HA7ORHHRA to get in on the best price yet. Just Screw It

Oria 60-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Kit

It’s time to fix all the things. Use code HA7ORHHRA during checkout at Amazon to get this Oria 60-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Kit for just $11.19. When your project is complete, store everything in the included case. A flexible shaft is included for hard-to-reach areas, and the additional extension gives you even more wiggle room.