First Big Bear Lake-Area Bald Eagle Chick Hatches on Livestream; Second to Hatch Within Days

Read the full story on It took several minutes for the chick to emerge, with the help of its parents. The second egg is expected to hatch within days, officials said Sunday. The video showed one of the adults as it carefully moved the bedding supporting the egg, and as it appeared to help lift and crack the remaining shell. After weeks of anticipation, the first of two bald eagle eggs near Big Bear Lake hatched over the weekend as viewers watched in real time via a streaming webcam, San Bernardino National Forest officials announced. Occasionally the parent settled on top of the chick for warmth and protection. Sunday from the first of two eggs laid days apart in early January, the U.S. The parents have been taking turns watching over the eggs during their 35-day incubation period. Forest Service said. The chick began to emerge at 9:57 a.m. 34.243896

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